About Us

Who We Are

Prudence Consulting Company is Islamabad based consulting firm. It specializes in the areas of Energy and Climate Change and offers I.T services. We have considerable experience in research and analysis, advisory services, and implementation of I.T projects as an effective tool for improvement in the public sector, private, charity, and not-for-profit organizations. Our experienced and dedicated team provides a full range of services which include Energy Sector Analysis and Modeling, Climate Change Policy (Mitigation and Adaptation) Research and Coordination, Technology Planning, Web & Mobile Applications Development, Office Automation, Capacity Building, and Analytical Services. We serve our clients from our Pakistan office. We work relentlessly to achieve a competitive advantage, create more value, and improve performance.

Our Core Mission

Bring strategic vision and proactive readiness to organizations to make them respond quickly and effectively to the changes. We aim to create 'climate smart' and ‘technology readiness advantage’ for our clients through insight of our experts.

Our Core Competencies

We act as 'Climate Smart Enablers’ and ‘Technology Partners’ to help organizations achieve excellence. We bring unique combinations of concepts, strategies, implementation, technology and human resources that are put to work in conjunction with tested tools and methods.


Blending our technical expertise and clients’ business knowledge, we aim to help Government, businesses, NGOs, international development organizations, and local communities to find climate-smart solutions to most pressing problems they face due to the impacts of climate change. We have a range of experts in the following broad domains:

Energy and Climate Change

  • Energy and Climate Change Policy, Program Design and Analysis
  • Clean Technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Solid Waste Management / Waste Water Management
  • Climate Finance

Software Development

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Customized Software Development
  • User Experience
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

Emerging Technologies & Research

  • Data Anaylsis & Big Data (GHG Inventory)
  • Climate Resilience Infrastructure Tool Design
  • Green Tariffs / Climate Finance - Green Bonds
  • Algorithms Design & Machine Learning
  • Remote Sensing
  • IoT Applied Research

Our Client